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Serta's revolutionary iSeries technology combines Serta's finest comfort innovation with our most advanced coil support system. For the first time, Serta has married our exclusive Cool Action Gel Memory foam with our most advanced EuroCoil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil Support System. This results in a sleep system with intelligent cradling and cooling comfort at the sleep surface and exceptional individual support for each sleep partner.

Perfect Day� by Serta�

Brand Features

  • Cool Action� Gel Memory Foam

    Cool Action & Gel Memory Foam

    Serta's Cool Action Gel Memory Foam is the world's first memory foam infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta's MicroSupport gel. This revolutionary new memory foam is designed to deliver superior pressure relief and more targeted support while sleeping cooler than ordinary memory foam.

  • Comfort Last� Construction

    Comfort Last & Construction

    Serta's exclusive Comfortlast Supreme Construction means that the iSeries sleep system design has been tested beyond industry standards (using tests designed to simulate 25 years of wear life) to ensure lasting comfort and durability.

  • Duet� Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil System

    Duet Coil Individually Wrapped Coil-in-Coil System

    This exclusive support system features strategically placed Duet Coils that properly balance comfort and support needs across the entire sleep surface, allowing the system to respond to each sleep partner individually. Each Duet Coil is engineered so the exterior coil provides an initial soft and luxurious feeling, while the interior coils provide the essential support needed for correct postural alignment. Plus our Duet Coil Support System features a posturized design, with nearly two-thirds of the Duet Coils concentrated in the center third of the mattress where they are needed most.


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